Lazarus tutorijal 01 – Uvod u Lazarus

Uvod u Lazarus.
– Instaliranje Lazarusa.
– Pravljenje forme.
– Smanivanje velicine kompajliranog fajla:
Project – Project Options – Compilation and Linking
Aktivirati 3 (slow optimization) (-O3) i Smaller rather than faster (-Os)
Project – Project Options – Debugging
iskljuciti opciju Generate debugging info for GDB.

Author: Darth Ewok

Kompjuterski entuzijasta sa preko 30 godina iskustva. FUNDAMENTAL LINUX ADMINISTRATION Certification Number: SC-935c75f14-31c7f Fundamental System Security Certification Number: SC-935c75f14-0c6e2a End User Security Awareness Certification Number: C-935c75f14-58b64df9 SECURITY MISCONFIGURATIONS Certification Number: SC-935c75f14-fc2853 Security Assessment & Testing Certification Number: SC-935c75f14-83cd23 CREATE A SUBNET Certification Number: SC-935c75f14-ff674 Peripheral Devices and Connectors Certification Number: SC-935c75f14-d97b10 Malware Fundamentals Certification Number: SC-935c75f14-1ab14a

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